I got a analog camera!

A few days ago i bought an analog camera. Inspired by the X-Pro1 i was looking for a “real” rangefinder. Since i don’t have the disposable income to just go out and buy a Leica M6, i instead got a Revue 400 SE. I believe it was only sold in Germany, but is similar to the Canonet and Konica Auto S3 etc.

The cool thing about this camera is, that i found a guy on eBay who services these cameras as a hobby (i believe) and sells them for a fair price (i got mine for 80€). This thing works like a new camera, he even adjusted the lightmeter in a way, that you can use modern batteries and don’t need to fear that the metering will be wrong.

I’m planning to buy a few nice black and white film rolls, but got a Kodak Gold as my first “demo” film. I’m quite excited to see how the images will turn out. 🙂

Manual Lenses on Fujifilm

If you’re a mirrorless shooter, you have a variety of lenses to choose from. The official camera brand lenses (in my case all Fujfilm lenses) but also the huge collection of vintage lenses that you can easily adapt to your camera with a cheap 10-20€ adapter. Some vintage lenses currently go up in price, but compared to new, first party lenses, they are very affordable.

My first adapted and fully manual focus lens i bought was an old Canon FD zoom that i picked up at a flea market for 5 euros. It’s a shitty lens, with lots of fungus inside and poor image quality. But it was enough to wake my interest for manual focus lenses.

I originally bought the Fujfilm X-T2 for its fast autofocus, but somehow I found that I really like the slowed down style of shooting that manual focus lenses require from you. Manually focusing is really easy with modern mirrorless cameras. Focus Peaking in the X-T2 helps a lot and even the not so great focus peaking in my X-Pro1 is good enough with adapted glass.

With my old Canon camera, i never took photography very serious. I took pictures, but didn’t really think about it. Sure, i was looking for the right composition and so on, but never really thought about the craft. I choose the X-T2 because the dials on top gave me a feeling of “manual work”. It was nice that i didn’t just set some mode on one dial and that was it. I like that i have to setup different dials to achieve a certain style of image. The same goes for the aperture rings on Fujifilm lenses. I love that!

Manual lenses for me go even a step further. The fact that i have to manually focus gives me a lot of joy.

To finish this post up, i added a few images i shot with adapted lenses on my Fujifilm X-T2. Enjoy! (Don’t be confused by the exif data in the image data description – it sometimes says „50mm“ when there is an 28mm lens. I just forgot to set the right focal length in my settings on that day)