I got a analog camera!

A few days ago i bought an analog camera. Inspired by the X-Pro1 i was looking for a “real” rangefinder. Since i don’t have the disposable income to just go out and buy a Leica M6, i instead got a Revue 400 SE. I believe it was only sold in Germany, but is similar to the Canonet and Konica Auto S3 etc.

The cool thing about this camera is, that i found a guy on eBay who services these cameras as a hobby (i believe) and sells them for a fair price (i got mine for 80€). This thing works like a new camera, he even adjusted the lightmeter in a way, that you can use modern batteries and don’t need to fear that the metering will be wrong.

I’m planning to buy a few nice black and white film rolls, but got a Kodak Gold as my first “demo” film. I’m quite excited to see how the images will turn out. 🙂

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