7Artisans 35mm F1.1 on a X-Pro1

My last post was about my recent purchase of a used Fujifilm X-Pro1 and why i like it and why it‘s still a good deal to buy one in 2019. With the X-Pro3 right around the corner, the reasons to buy a used X-Pro1 might get diminished, since the prices of used X-Pro2s will drop. But since most Fujifilm cameras hold their value pretty good, i would not bet that this will immediately be the case.

So if you’re looking for a cool manual focus lens for your old X-Pro1 (or any other Fujifilm X-Mount camera), the chance is high that you will like the 7artisans 35mm f1.1.

It is a really cheap (~160€ here in Germany) but solidly build lens with smooth and declicked aperture and focus rings.

I think it looks pretty cool on my old X-Pro1. It fits perfectly with the retro aesthetic of the camera and has a nice and solid feel. The lens hood i bought from amazon and is not included with the lens.

Sadly it has a few issues, at least my copy:

  • The filter thread is not machined well enough to hold the 43mm lens hood. I can screw it on, but it wobbles. There might be 1mm of play, but it‘s enough to keep the lens hood from sticking to the lens.
  • The aperture blades, when fully stopped down to f16 have a little bit of space between them. This might not be an issue for you, and i have no way to find out if this occurs on every copy, or just mine. I rarely stop down that far, so this would really be an issue for me, but at least i noticed it.

Even though this lens has a few issues, i really like how it renders out of focus backgrounds. Here is a quick snapshot (wide open) that i did after receiving it:

Because of these issues i will send it back to amazon and order another one and hope that it does not have the same problems. I read a few reviews and no one else had those problems, so it might just be a faulty copy. In the end this is still a cheap lens and 7artisans has to save cost somewhere (i.e. in quality control), but besides the small issues, i really like this lens. It‘s also quite heavy for it‘s size.

And the most important aspect (for me): It makes a lot of fun to use!

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